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About Us

Company Profile

Taijilin Muay Thai Gym was founded in 2016, which is an actually professional Thai Boxing gym in Shanghai. It belongs to Shanghai Thaijilin Sports Development Co., Ltd., which has millions of registered capital. The gym is up to more than 300 square meters. We are located in the Gubei district on the edge of the central area. It is actually the junction of Changning District, Minhang District and Xuhui District. The surrounding areas are very convenient for transportation. The exact address is room 103,No.560 Hong Xu Road. next to the Want want group, behind the Hilton Hotel in Hongqiao.


Enrollment Target

The gym is open to friends for the 4-55 year old in Shanghai. We now actually have students from Japan, the United States, South Korea and Hong Kong, Taiwan. Many handsome and beautiful women often visit the boxing gym. This international family is the only choice for the fashionable people.


Gym Environment

The modern classroom is completely transparent. Stand here, you are the focus. We’re the pioneer to create the divided teaching pattern. There is less than 6 people in a class. Students wouldn’t influence each other, and will be more orderly. The gym is designed by a Taiwan designer whose design and decoration ideas tend to be upper and luxurious, and is far different from the general boxing that is rough and noisy. The boxing gym is equipped with the tidy bathroom, shower room, lockers and a rest area that can watch the whole course of teaching. The whole equipments provide students with a more comfortable experience.


Training Equipments

All equipments in our gym including sandbags, ankle, shorts, boxing gloves , hand targets and waist targets are all imported from Thailand. The Fairtex brand is the top brand in Tai boxing field. Besides, the boxing hall is equipped with a 5 square meters red eye-catching big, and people can't wait to go up for a fight. All in all, Everything is serviced well only for your best experience.


Taijilin Muay Thai Gym was founded in 2016, which is an actually professional Thai Boxing gym in Shanghai.


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